Las Vegas Hairstyle.....Look your Best.....

A Spectacular Hairstyle is not just any style. A Hairstyle is a haircut that has kept people looking their best, while keeping money in their pockets, since the 70's.

How? By employing the unparalleled technique. A technique that allows Us to cut and shape your hair in an absurdly precise and controlled way, no matter which Hairstyle.

A hairstylist wields a more precise, five and a half inch pair for better cutting and shaping. Just any stylist might enjoy resting on her laurels, a hairstylist attends multiple seminars a year to stay on top of the latest hairstyle trends, techniques and “wow” styles.

Hair Styles in Las Vegas offers quality hair extensions at an affordable prices. Our Las Vegas salon specializes in micro bead hair extensions. This type of hair extension is an individual strand application that is applied strand by strand. The Micro bead hair extensions also offer convenience. When you need the hair extensions moved up or removed the pliers pop the bead’s hole back into a perfect circle allowing us to do so.We use 100% Virgin Human Remy Indian Hair Extensions. The hair extensions are long lasting and if you take care of them will last even longer. When the hair has grown out all you need to do is get the extensions lifted. Other types of extensions will not allow this. They must be removed by damaging and pulling out your hair leaving it very thin making hair extensions a requirement. Micro bead hair extensions are safer for your hair.

Get your hair and makeup done for your special event in Las Vegas. Corporate events, weddings, birthday party’s, Quinceañeras or a photoshoot.  We can even add 100% human hair extensions on site.